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    School Yard Stations

    Intensité de l’activité physique
    • Vigorous

    • Outdoors

      • Appendix B

      • Bean Bags

      • Station Cards (see GETTING ACTIVE)

    Consignes de sécurité

    Inspect the play area prior to activity and eliminate any potential hazards. Remind students to be cautious when moving and to be aware of the personal space of others.

    Aperçu de l’activité

    Students will actively and safely explore movement using features of the school campus.


    Eight Whatevers

    • Select a student to be the leader, and provide them with a beanbag.
    • The leader performs an activity/movement on the spot for eight beats, while everyone else follows the movement.
    • After the leader has completed 8 repetitions of the activity, he or she calls out a classmate’s name and tosses the beanbag to that new leader.
    • If a leader does not have an idea for a move, he or she says “Whatever” and each student performs any move they choose, for 8 beats. A student can only say “Whatever” once, and will have to choose an activity for his/her next turn.
    • While waiting for new leaders’ instructions, students jog on the spot.

    School Yard Stations

    • Create station cards and post them on the walls around the activity area.
    • Divide the students into groups of 4–6. Students can complete the tasks together as a group, or the tasks can be divided among members to be performed individually. Students attempt to complete the entire activity within the time limits, or as quickly as they can.
    • Add or delete stations that are applicable to your school or schoolyard.


    Station 1
    Touch 2 walls of the school.

    Station 2
    Touch the bike racks (or other visible object) and do 20 jumping jacks.

    Station 3
    Do 5 sit-ups under each basketball hoop (or alternative location).

    Station 4
    Jump on one foot, across the width of the activity area.

    Station 5
    Give a high-five to 5 people wearing blue.

    Station 6
    Jog once around the activity area.

    Station 7
    Leap-frog over 7 different students.

    Station 8
    Do 10 push-ups at 3 different sections of fence (or along the school wall).

    Station 9
    Touch every school door.

    Station 10
    Recite the alphabet while making the shape of each letter with your body (do this in your traditional language, if you can speak it).

    Station 11
    Do 10 lunges next to a soccer post (or other element of the school yard).

    Station 12
    Skip once around the perimeter of the activity area.

    Station 13
    In the centre of the activity area, jump up and down and yell “I love DPA!” 3 times.

    Retour au calme

    Group Circle Stretch

    • Working as a group in a circle, students stretch upward and to both sides, leaning in the same direction.
    • Students lunge to both sides, reaching in front of the person beside them.
    • Lead (or ask a student to lead) a series of stretches. Consult the examples in Appendix B.
    Autres considérations
    • Add or adapt specific tasks for your own schoolyard. For example, use class lines, flagpoles, tetherball poles, hopscotch courts, sandboxes, trees, running tracks, or other available elements.
    • As a variation, ask teams to complete the circuit of stations a second time, with each member receiving different tasks to complete.
    • If the students are learning their traditional language, come up with a word or phrase in that language for students to shout once they have completed all stations, instead of “I love DPA!”.
    • Consider playing music to help inspire and motivate students. (See Appendix D for ideas)