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    Striking/Fielding Activities

    Activities in which players strike a ball and then score points by advancing to designated areas. Fielders retrieve the object and return it to a specified place to stop points from being scored and to get opponents out.

    Striking/Fielding Activities
    de progression

    Avoid getting out (offensive)

    Use speed and decision making to run quickly in order to advance and gain points


    Defending space (defensive)

    Position to cover space in field to prevent opposition from scoring


    Score runs (offensive)

    Advance the runner by choosing an area to hit the ball to facilitate scoring runs

    liens avec les habiletés de vie :
    • What living skills are important to being a valuable team member?
    • How can communicating with teammates increase chances of success when fielding?
    • How does experimenting with different strategies allow for better results in a game?
    ces stratégies peuvent être appliquées :
    • playing cricket
    • playing beep baseball
    • playing stickball
    connaissances en matière tactique :
    • What are effective tactics to try and prevent the batting team from scoring runs?
    • Why is it important to use different amounts of force when hitting the ball?
    • Why is it important to make appropriate decisions about when to run and when to remain where you are while on offense?